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BULIISA: The Prime Minister of Uganda Rt.Hon. Robbinah Nabbanja received the petition from your unending eviction threats, according to what is in the letter, you almost have land in every sub county, and a member scratched Kahwa’s back in a hot heated WhatsApp group debate.

Francis Kahwa who is the biggest land owner in and sometimes blamed for grabbing land from individuals in the oil rich Buliisa district in Bunyoro subregion. In response, Kahwa said that even on his death bed he will still buy lands when funds are available.

Kahwa was responding to individuals who attacked and blamed him for grabbing lands in the oil rich district. ‘’The plain truth, even on my deathbed I will buy lands when funds are available. Thanks ’’ he replied.

Kahwa has always said that he has genuinely bought land and challenged those who think otherwise to go to the courts of laws.

The hot heated debate followed the visit of Uganda’s Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robbinah Nabbanja to Buliisa on Tuesday who instructed the Buliisa District Police Commander {DPC} and the Resident District Commissioner {RDC} not to honour any court order concerning evictions of residents on their land in Buliisa District.

Nabbanja`s instructions followed a report presented by the Buliisa district LCV chairperson Fred Lukumu who requested the prime minister`s intervention into land conflicts in Buliisa.

According to Lukumu, the increased land conflicts in the district is due to the discovery of oil in the region.

In his defence, Francis Kahwa said that there is nothing wrong for him to buy land anywhere as long as one is willing to sell.

‘’If there is any dispute, you are advised to seek redress in courts of law, there is no short cut. By going to the politicians to solve any dispute and for them to make noise and you clap for them won’t solve land disputes,’’ Kahwa said.

According to Edison Oryema, one of the activists, the Office of Prime Minister has powers to protect those who are being unlawfully evicted on their land.

‘’I’m tired of their hide and seek game because they start things that they don’t conclude leaving our community in dilemma, I humbly request Mr. Kahwa to dialogue with his fellow Bagungu to harmonize some of his land transaction that have some confusion because I’m sure there are some land that he bought genuinely and they have no complaint,’’ Oryema suggested.

According to Oryema, many people have grabbed people’s land, and there is a need to desist from using cheap propaganda to gain political favours from such people who claim to be fighting land grabbers yet they are grabbers.

According to Mr. Businge Abib, a resident of Butiaba Sub County, all messes surrounding land disputes were done earlier by the district land board who were supposed to educate people on how to protect their own land.

“Instead these were people doing things behind corridors with the sub county giving out land that belonged to the community or owned communally,” he said.

Emmy Prosper says there are no land issues to solve and if any, the parties should go to court adding that courts normally give a chance for mediation out of the court.

Prosper adds that there is a need to sit at a round table and solve the issue of land grabbing in the oil rich Buliisa district. ‘’These so-called third parties may also be here for political capital reasons,’’ he said.

The Buliisa Constituency Member of Parliament Allan Atugonza says that most people in the district don’t have land titles which cause the land grabbers to get opportunities.

“There is a need for the Uganda Land Board to support people to acquire land titles to curb land grabbing,” he said.

Mr. Kahwa Francis who is allegedly blamed for grabbing people’s land in the oil rich Buliisa district has won a number of land-related cases and lost some at Masindi High Court.

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