By Brian Kyomugisha

In my reasonable and realistic assessment, President Putin’s military operation in Ukraine has issues with it’s sovereignty true but influence and power goes beyond sovereignty.

Abraham Lincoln was quoted “In times of extreme necessity, it’s good to cheat on the law”, to Putin the history of Russia is very present today, what NATO is doing by annexing eastern countries would grow to something later Russia would not chew, and if they do not take decisive and swift approaches today if not now or this second, the aggressor is aggressing eastwards, the aggressor is NATO.

Tracing back the history of the Current situation.

In February 1990 James Baker, the then U.S. secretary of state under President George Bush, visited Moscow met with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the issue on table was the reunification of Germany. This is where the whole issue started from. NATO promised would never move east words even an inch.

After German reunification in 1999, and after the withdrawal of all Soviet troops from Eastern Europe, NATO admitted three former Warsaw Pact countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Later in 2004, NATO admitted seven more countries, including the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which had been republics of the Soviet Union, now a NATO member’s troops potentially could be located just 625 kilometers from Moscow, then the Russia’s strategic depth (Strategic depth is a military term that refers to the distances between the possible frontlines or battle fields and the combatants’ population, industrial core areas, capital cities, heartlands) is compromised, for those who have studied about Putin, he would not allow further vulnerability, enough is enough.

“Now a NATO member’s troops potentially could be located just 625 kilometers from Moscow.”

Electing good capable leaders connects with the bible.

This Ukraine situation explains the reason we should be very careful in dealing with higher positions of elective politics, when you elect a joker councilor his wrong choices, decisions will culminate into abuses and challenges that can be talked about but can be later rightened by a newly elected councilor after five years.

However, when you elect a bad president of the country (higher position) a stupid decision taken for example on Mugingo Island will culminate into a war between the two states and the outcomes are mostly irreversible, wounds that heals in half if not a century or even beyond.

I believe in facts though it’s unfortunate for Ukraine and it’s people, am still contemplating on the credentials of the current president, his international relations/advisors, how he came to vest his hope in a group where he was not a member or an ally.

Proverbs 29:2 – When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

I have seen people chanting the current president of Ukraine for joining the frontlines but there is a difference between a brave person and a wise one. Wise people navigates the course of the war in a room on a chase board and the brave go for battlefield. The moment President zelensky realized to come back on the board the game will be over. Wisdom saves lives and braveness saves glory.

“There is a difference between a brave person and a wise one. Wise people navigates the course of the war in a room on a chase board and the brave go for battlefield. The moment President zelensky realized to come back on the board the game will be over.”

“Wisdom saves lives and braveness saves glory.”

In a recent pressor president of the US was quoted , “I repeat our troops will only guard our allies, our army should not engage the Russians, I repeat our army should not engage the Russians, Ukraine is not a member state of the NATO. According to our rules we only help our allies.” Biden was quoted.

I heard that the US had offered for the evacuation of the Ukrainian president, in his reply he sounded a betrayed brother who is said to have replied in a line “I need ammunitions not a ride”. On one of the international news outlet one Journalist described US as a notorious group that dins with you and later abandons you.

Looking at issue in 3D.

The western media is doing it’s usual job to paint the picture that the world is supposed to see not the actual picture in Ukraine and for Africans who read headlines or titles are receiving the package as it is.

However, it’s common sense for any sensible person to turn your neck and look around you, look around Ukraine.

In the United Nations Security Council everyone condemned Russia but the Russian representative told the chair that, we shall not only take a moment of silence for the people that have died and those who are about to die in the Ukraine, but also take a moment of silence for people that have died and continue to die in the Donbas being killed by the junta, the Ukrainian current administration, all human lives are important. In my personal view, there is something the world do not want to hear, but Russia will keep speaking it loudly.

President Putin said, the military operation is to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, bring to book those who have committed crimes against humanity. We need to also sympathize with the people in Donbas who chose to go back to Russia in a referendum, they have faced harsh treatment from Ukrainian government for too long not these 3 days you are talking about and their hope was vested in only Russia, Putin had to act.

Michael Maloof a US security policy analyst said in an interview that, he is surprised the bad things that has been and continue to happen in Donbass are not talked about and the NATO is controlling media to publish one side of the story.

He further said the sanctions put on the president of Russia and other officials will rupture the diplomatic relations which is so unfortunate and these sanctions will bite Russia as much as they bite the west, the west depends much on Russia imports.

Data has it that, Power of Siberia Pipe line ships liquefied natural gas (LNG) of about 16.5 billion cubic metres (bcm) to China. This Power of Siberia network is not connected to pipelines that send gas to Europe, this means this business is not affected by sanctions.

Russia is targeting to export a whooping 38 bcm of gas to china by 2025. Of recent President Vladimir Putin unveiled new Russian oil and gas deals with China worth an estimated $117.5bn.

What does Russia, China, India relations means for the surviverbility of Russia?

In the recent held United Nations Security Council, China, India, and UAE never voted, only China and India have a combined population of about 2.5 billion people and the US, Europe have about 1 b people, in terms of market share you can judge, they never voted, China is also a bad kid who is in same looks like Russia as it’s interests in taking up Taiwan (NATO ALLY) are echoing and this might be the best time.

India has had bad ties with the US as it chose Indian rivals the Pakistans for nuclear energy and almost 53 percent of India’s ammunitions are from Russia.

In his facebook post Putin said Russia will survive as it has survived since the 80’s,” and in my reasonable point of view if it was inventing the survival approach Russia has invented one.

According to Suzanne Massie an American scholar of Russian history, who acted as the Russia Affairs advisor to the Ronald Reagan administration said in an interview on RT news that, “Putin never wanted war neither the US, but Putin was left with no option, he is a smart leader” Putin opted for the Minsk agreement negotiations but NATO misguided Ukraine.

Yes!! Any superpower can unsurp powers of a sovereign states, if it is connected with compromising it’s powers, the US raided Iraq over mere rumors, US aggression into Libya and destroyed wealth created by generations, US is still in possession of Guntanamo bay land that belongs to a sovereign state of Cuba, endless aggression by the US is unquestionable, but Russia fight for it’s people in the Donbass is a huge point because you people feed on controlled western media.

Stop yapping on social media, stop reading controller mainstream media content and look for interviews of honorouble citizens, of different societies, the west, the east, the Asian, the black extra who disect issues with truth and outmost care they deserve, you will have a different view of things.

Iraq millions of people did not die they just went to heaven alive? Libyans did not die they just went alive to heaven? Sirya ?extra? Stop yapping as if you have just learnt the meaning of dieing today, you were here when your brother killed his brother Gaddafi, you were here, and you still praise him. save it.

“Putin is genius” Donald Trump was quoted.
(Results of my Boda Boda stage, Putin discuss results are out, But Pray for us, the aggressor hates the truth)

Brian Kyomugisha

The author is a concerned citizen of Uganda

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