By Van Deguras

NTUNGAMO: The State House Health Monitoring unit has today {Friday} unearthed expired drugs worth 5 billion shillings from all the health centers in Ntungamo District.

According to Dr. Brian Arinaitwe the head of medical investigations of the unit, the medicine unearthed are of ARVs, lab medicine, anti-malarial and theatre etc.

Dr. Arinaitwe said that they modified big quantities of expired drugs and other commodities in all the health centers causing financial loss to the government.

He found it is risky as there is a possibility that they can go back and sell in the drug shops because in Ntungamo District there are many private sectors that are not monitored, so many illegal drug shops and unlicensed drug shops.

He also said that they have informed the National Medical Stores (NMS) therefore they are making arrangements to pick the expired commodities for destruction.

The expired drugs were due to absenteeism of health workers, lack of inter facility transfer of medicine, and changes in treatment, especially ARVS.

Dr. Arinaitwe said they have informed the District leaders to work closely with the National Medical Stores such that drugs do not expire and those already expired to be transferred to NMS and they couldn’t be in health facilities.

The team had previously arrested the health Centre managers of Bwongyera health Centre III, Rubaare health Centre IV, Rwashamaire health Centre IV and Kitwe health Centre IV.

They were questioned over many accountability issues including utilization of government grants and management of health systems.

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