The family land was occupied for the grace period of three years since 2018-2020.

By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The family of late Gideon Okaali of Tamula cell, Tamula ward in Bukedea town council in Bukedea district has vowed to drag Bukedea town council authorities to courts of law for defying to pay a sum of 32 million for the compensation of their land occupied by Bukedea weekly cattle market during the construction of Bukedea weekly modern cattle market.

The family land was occupied for the grace period of three years since 2018-2020.

According to the family members the town council authorities agreed to sign a mutual agreement to pay a family a tune of three million shillings monthly of which they consented for a few months before going silent until the money accumulated to the tune of 32 million shillings.

Peter Ongeje, the family head says they have tried on several occasions to engage town council leadership to pay the family money but no positive response was realized.

“As a family we tried all that we could to engage the town council leadership but no response, now we have decided to get a lawyer who will guide us on what to do, and we set to drag town council to court”, said Mr.Ongeje.

Mr. Ongeje also added that, the town council leadership promised to restate their land by grading into normal and plant the destroyed trees but nothing has been done.

“We agreed that after the construction of Bukedea weekly modern market, all structures in our land should be cleared and the destroyed trees to be planted, but this has been in vein”, said Ongeje.

Vicent Akol, the acting town clerk said the two parties signed an agreement but some payments were made.

He said the town council is committed to clear the family demanding money but since some money was paid, it requires his office first to cross check on the early payment vouchers before processing for the remaining balance.

“It’s true that we signed an agreement with the family and some money was paid, so the money they are demanding is the old debt which the town council is aware”, said Mr.Akol.

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