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OTUKE: Locals of Barjobi in Otuke district are reportedly feasting on pigs that have died of the Lango African swine fever due to famine.

Reports obtained by Voice of Lango indicates that most of the locals in Barjobi town council and Barjobi Sub County whose pigs have died of the disease are slaughtering and eating them while some of them have gone as far as selling pork from the dead pigs.

One of the residents of Barjobi, Kamara Billy said in most of the markets in the area, pork is being sold on large scale and at very low prices and is thought to be from pigs that died from the African swine fever that has been infecting most pigs in the area.

Kamara attributes the trend to famine and the act that most people fear making losses from the animals that they have struggled to raise.

Alebtong district veterinary officer Dr. Noki Charles the public health act prohibits consumption of dead animals and those selling the pork from infected pigs should be arrested and followed with the law.

Adwari Sub County chairman in Otuke district Simon Obong Opio asked local leaders to stop the consumption of pork from pigs that died of the disease in their localities.


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