By Ismail Bategeka

MASINDI: The Forum for Democratic Change {RDC} has embarked on plans to recall Gen. Mugisha Muntu and twenty other Members of Parliament who deserted and formed National Transformation Alliance {ANT}.

The revelation was made over the weekend by the FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat {POA} while meeting the FDC leaders from the three districts of Buliisa, Masindi and Kiryandongo at Lado Hotel Masindi.

Amuriat disclosed that losing such members created a setback in the mighty opposition political party thus created challenges in the administration of the party.

”When I took over the leadership of the party, some members felt uncomfortable and they decided to quit, but it was unfortunate,” he noted.

The FDC party president stressed that it was a difficult moment for the party to focus on the elections since some senior members deserted towards the 2021 general elections.

According to Amuriat, Gen Muntu would have been the FDC presidential flag bearer if he had not deserted the party to form his ANT. Amuriat disclosed that he had planned to contest for Member of Parliament in his constituency.

”If Gen. Muntu had not deserted, he would be the FDC party president because I wanted to contest for Member of Parliament in my constituency,” said Amuriat.

According to Amuriat, FDC missing a presidential flag bearer would be an embarrassment to the party and he decided to carry the FDC flag for the concluded presidential elections.

Amuriat also disclosed that they have appointed the Former Kasese Member of Parliament Hon. Robert Centenary to organize talks with Gen. Muntu and other 26 members of parliament who left FDC for ANT.

”The deserting of some senior members towards the elections proved that the party can remain stable and fully operating even without leadership,” he said.

According to FDC, members who left the party can make a U-turn and they will be welcomed and harmonize with the party leadership, they will agree and will be free to mobilize for other members.

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