By George Emuron

SOROTI:  The Uganda police force at East Kyoga territorial command has arrested the Forum for Democratic Change, FDC Party President Patrick Amuriat, former Kasese MP Robert Centenary and Omerou Paul the Mayor Soroti East Division as well as 39 other persons.

The 42 persons were found campaigning for the Forum for democratic change candidate beyond the legally mandated time of 600pm to at night at Elysian guest House in Akisim ward, Soroti east division in Soroti city.

Oscar Gregory Ageca, the east Kyoga police spokesperson confirmed the arrest.

We would like to caution the public against violation of electoral laws which goes against the spirit of Equal participation, and observance of law by all stakeholders”, said Ageca.

Ageca Al’s added that to ensure law and order throughout today’s polls, we have deployed both human and non-human assets to provide a conducive environment for all stakeholders to exercise their rights under the law, such as the right to vote, witness, support etc.

“We would like to inform the public that violation of electoral laws is not only criminal and an act punishable by law under the penal system of the Republic of Uganda, but also a violation of the fundamental human rights of an individual to participate in the electoral process and prevents the application of justice to all citizenry as under the law,” Ageca added.

He also advised the public not to engage in electoral malpractice; it carries penal sanctions, and all individuals arrested in the commission of the same shall be arrested and arraigned in the courts of law.

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