By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: Unknown suspected wild animals have killed dozens of domestic animals in Kicceke village, Ato hill parish Paicho Sub County in Gulu district leaving livestock farmers in losses.

Patrick Okello, the Kicceke village chairperson said the suspected wild animals entered his village this month and are attacking domestic animals such as goats, sheep and calves at night.

He revealed that at least one heifer, three goats and two sheep have reportedly been killed only this month and locals are leaving in fear.

Residents who spoke to ugreports on Tuesday explained that the suspected animals are cutting their animal in the neck and suckling the blood through the guts and eating other internal organs such as liver, intestines and lungs leaving the meat.

According to a local hunter who took the mantle to trace the footstep of the suspected wild animal, it was revealed that its claw looked like a dog, however it got lost in Atoo stream.

Residents believe that the animal lives in water during day and come out when it is dark to eat their animals

Byron Okello revealed that his heifer was last Saturday 18 June 2022 attacked and killed by this unknown animal.

“I was shocked when I woke up and went to check my animals in the kraal but surprisingly I found that the heifer was lying down upon checking I realized that the internal organs were missing” Okello revealed

Okello neither sold any part of this animal nor he ate the remaining, however some of the community members got courage of eating its remains

The financial value of the heifer in the local market goes around seven hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand shilling.

William Obwoya, the area councillor five for Paicho Sub County told ugreports that he has convened the meeting with the locals of Kicceke to find the solution to the insecurity caused by these unknown animals.

Obwoya revealed that the insecurity has not only caused losses to the local farmers but has deterred local farmers from cultivating the land as they fear for their dear lives.

Charles Icsoero the Gulu Resident City Commissioner confirmed the incident saying the intelligent reports revealed that stray hippopotamus have for the past one month stormed Gulu district adding that they have reported the matter to the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

However he called upon the community to stay alert and vigilant as they wait for their feedback from the relevant authority.

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