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The best films from the region will compete in June at the national film festival.

By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: George William Nyombi Thembo, Director of Industry Affairs and Content Development at the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), has tasked the film producers in Uganda to fight immorality and moral decadence in society through films.

Nyombi, who was on Monday speaking during the 10th edition of the Uganda Film Festival at the Acholi Inn Hotel in Gulu City as a presiding judge, said it is through educative, sensational, substantive, and informative films that the society can be told the disadvantages of pornography and nudity, which are eating up the country’s moral values.

Ngombi says the Ugandan film industry is the fastest growing industry in Africa and films is the most consumed product in the country by all categories of people

He implored the film producers to tell and highlight Uganda’s diverse culture, distinctive scenery, natural landscapes, and flora and fauna, showcasing it as one of the world’s best filming locations to show our superiority.

The Uganda Communication Commission, in collaboration with Multi Choice, commenced regional short film competitions on Monday in Gulu and will proceed to Mbale, Mbarara, and Masaka, all of which are scheduled this month.

The competition follows the call made by UCC for short film submissions for the 10th edition of the Uganda Film Festival under the synopsis “Uganda is the Pearl of Africa.”

At least 10 vetted films from the mid-North Region, including Acholi, Lango, and West Nile, were exhibited for judging based on originality and creativity, technical quality, narrative structure, concept, and plagiarism.

The ten fills include Home by Odong’s brothers, Gulu After War by Ocakacon Raymond, Explore the West Nile Region by Aldo Adomoti, Dero by Akumu Susan, The Pride by Ageta Francis, and The Place I Feel at Peace by Bathsheba Kabubi.

Other films were Lukeme by Okello Matayo, Nanga by Ryekotoo Julius, Blocked by Jacob Aloka, and The Mystery About Baboon by Kabushenga Frank.

The film titled “Home” emerges as the winner, followed by the pride Francis Ojok Odong and Anthony Okello Odong, the producers of the film titled “Home,” were awarded a cash prize of two million shillings by Multi Choice, while Francis Ageta, the producer of the film titled “The Pride,” which emerged in the second run-up, was slapped with a cash prize of one million.

The Regional Short Film Competition seeks to promote the country as a foremost tourist and filming destination in Africa.

The best films from the region will compete in June at the national film festival.

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