The row between the Bagungu and Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has been in place for over seven years.

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BULIISA: Stephen Biraahwa Mukitale, the Former Member of Parliament for Buliisa Constituency has finally spoken out on the secession of Bagungu from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

The row between the Bagungu and Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has been in place for over seven years.

Mukitale said there are many reasons why Bagungu wants to secede from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

In an exclusive interview with, Mukitale said Bagungu have been isolated, land grabbing, lack of government appointments, and others are the reasons why they are agitating for the secession.

‘’It’s unfortunate the Bagungu want to secede from the Bunyoro Kingdom yet we are supposed to have a regional Bunyoro government,’’ he said.

Mukitale asserted that instead of pushing President Museveni into the Kingdom issues, they should sit at the right table and solve their problems.

‘’There is no Mugungu who has ever been appointed in the NRM government as a minister, and it’s one of the issues for the secession, they have been isolated,’’ he said.

The politician told this online news publication this has forced the Bagungu to agitate for the formation of a cultural institution therefore asked for the President Museveni’s consideration.

Contrary to other Bagungu, Mukitale says that the Bagungu Culture and Language can be promoted within the Bunyoro Kingdom.

‘’Bugungu is bigger than what people think, I don’t support the break away. It’s unfortunate we are looking at it as Buliisa, we can promote our culture and language within the Bunyoro Kingdom,’’ he said.


President Museveni Intervenes

Rt. Hon. Andrew Byakutaga the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Prime Minister over the weekend asked President Yoweri Museveni to intervene in the Bagungu secession.

During the meeting with Bunyoro leaders, Byakutaga told the president that the District LCV Chairperson Fred Lukumu and the Former Bunyoro Kingdom Prime Minister Norman Lukumu are agitating for the Bagungu secession, something he said is creating division among the people of Bunyoro.

According to him, there are some people who are initiating the campaign for Bagungu secession and they have got reports from different people that the initiators are intimidating, threatening and using harsh statements based on tribal and riddle lies.

He also asserted that the political leaders are using their offices to create division among the people of Bunyoro, adding the secession will disorganize their culture.

Byakutaga admitted that whoever is aggrieved should go and meet them saying they are ready to sit at the round table and solve their issues.

In response, Fred Lukumu, the Buliisa district LCV Chairperson insisted that Bagungu differs from the Banyoro and they are entitled to have a cultural institution.

‘’We are agitating for the formation of a cultural institution not secession because we don’t have Kingdoms in Uganda but cultural institutions,’’ he further responded.

President Museveni however said he will meet the two parties after Independence celebrations and harmonize the matter.

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