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KAMPALA: The former Leader of Opposition {LoP} Winnie Kiiza-Nyabahasa has condemned the re-arrest of the novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija by security operatives after he was released on bail by Buganda Chief Magistrate Court.

Kakwenza was yesterday arrested shortly after being granted cash bail of Shs500,000.

Kiiza asserts that the continued arrest, victimization and intimidation of people perceived to be critics of government by security operatives is nothing but political witch-hunt and shameless display of intolerance and must be condemned by all and sundry.

”It is not yet clear on what basis or on what charges Mr. Kakwenza was rearrested and no one can confirm his current condition or wellbeing,” she notes.


Kiiza also contends that its unfortunate noting that its not the first time people are rearrested shortly after they have been granted bail by a court of competent jurisdiction.

”It appears to me that this tendency to re-arrest people after they have been granted bail is a deliberate attempt to normalize the totally abnormal that we all must reject,” She adds.

Kiiza also notes that this pattern of disaggregation of charges against defendants with a sole purpose of effecting their re-arrest by security operatives after being duly granted bail by courts of competent jurisdiction is at best noting its a mockery of justice and at worst an unconstitutional affront on the judicial arm of government and its unacceptable.

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