By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: As the country is still struggling to solve the challenge of fuel crisis, Masindi municipality has been hit harder.

On Friday evening, a number of fuel workers and managers in different fuel stations in Masindi Town, Masindi district were left stranded after being hit by scarcity of fuel.

According to the mini survey done last evening by, apparently there is only one fuel station serving the communities of Masindi Municipality.

With the scarcity of fuel in Masindi town, fuel prices have been hiked due to high demand.

However, a litter of petro goes to shs6000 whereas diesel is sold between shs.4100 to 4150 and today marks the fourth day since fuel scarcity hit the area.

Speaking to one of the workers on the condition of anonymity at Masindi petrol station and as one of the affected fuel stations, said there prices are lower than any other fuel stations in Masindi.


He said two trunks are on its way to Masindi however he disclosed one of their trucks which were supplying fuel got a mechanical problem noting by today afternoon they will have got fuel.

At fill more fuel station, it was the same situation were all workers looked stranded after being hit by fuel crisis saying this has happened on Friday at around 1:00pm adding that the current situation has put them at risk of losing consumers for good.

However, he called upon consumers to be patient with them in these hard times since it’s not their own decision making.

Crossing to Kobil petrol station as the only fuel station serving Masindi town dwellers, we found a number of motorcyclists lining up for fuel.

Mugisa Dickson the manager at Kobil petrol station said as company they had some fuel reserve which has enabled them to have continued serving their clients and others too.

Mugisa said the reason why fuel prices have hiked is because there is high demand. ‘’There is high demand for fuel in the town and that’s why the prices have been hiked,’’ he noted.

He however asked fuel consumers to remain calm saying that the situation will soon normalize. ‘’We thought the situation would normalize in two week period, but we hope in the next three weeks the fuel prices will have normalized,’’ he asserted.

Richard Mugisa a boda boda rider in Masindi town says that they have been affected by hiking of fuel prices noting that they have lost some clients. ‘’Due to hiked fuel prices, we also had to hike the fares which has resulted to losing some customers,’’ he contended.

John Bahemuka explains that it’s now almost three days since he parked his motorcycle due to high prices of fuel. ‘’I decided to park the motorcycle since I was incurring losses, hopefully I will resume business when fuel prices normalize,’’ he told

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