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HOIMA: On Thursday last week, Hoima Oil City was in crisis of fuel since only two fuel stations were supplying the drivers and riders in the city. This forced the fuel business owners to hike prices from Shs5,000 to Shs15,000.

This paralyzed businesses in Hoima Oil City as the riders and drivers also hiked their transport fare. On Saturday, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development warned the companies hoarding fuel stressing that a litre of petrol should not exceed Shs5,000. The ministry also assured that the current surging fuel price in Hoima would be addressed to ensure stability.

When our reporter visited a number of fuel stations this morning, the price had dropped from Shs15,000 to Shs4,400. According to riders and drivers we talked too, the price is fair and they can now resume business. Abdullah Mugisa, a boda-boda in Hoima City said that he was about to park his motorcycle stressing that he couldn’t afford buying fuel at Shs15,000.

‘’The fuel price was squeezing us, and we had started losing our customers, but at least no we can resume business without any problem,’’ the rider told Mugisa also asked government to ensure that fuel prices are at the affordable prices since most people were affected by the outbreak of corona virus.

In the press released by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development on 15th January 2022, stated that the current fuel shortage was a result of government requiring fuel truck drivers to undergo corona virus testing at Malaba and Busia entry points causing stuck of hundreds of trucks at the border as fuel out in the country.

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