By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: Buliisa district in Bunyoro sub region has registered fair turn-up of learners as schools reopen around the country. In Buliisa district, girls have turned-up in big numbers compared to boys in most schools in the district.

In March 2020, President Museveni closed all learning institutions following the outbreak of the deadly corona virus pandemic in Uganda, following the reopening of schools, as early as 6:30am; children in Buliisa district were seen on streets heading to various schools.

In upper Buliisa, conducted visits to some schools, where Asaba Model Nursary and Primary School registered over 97 pupils, Biiso model primary school 140, Kihungya primary school 86, Unique Kindergarten 67,Biiso war memorial secondary school 65 while St Francis secondary school 150 students.

Meanwhile in the lower Buliisa, Buliisa primary school registered 180, Trinity Junior School 100 students, however Uganda martyrs secondary school registered low turn up of students.

Godfrey Abigaba, the head teacher Asaba model nursery and primary school said that the learners’ turn up is promising adding that at least 50% of learners have reported on the first day at his school. ‘’The turn-up of learners is promising, at least 50% have turned-up and we hope they will all turn-up by the end of this week,’’ he noted.

Gerald Mpairwe the deputy head teacher said they expected very few learners to show up on the first day as it used to be in the previous years. Ogenchan Charles thanked parents for showing up interests in returning learners to school since in previous years some parents would atleast stop learners so that they still help in domestic work.

John Wabyona the deputy head teacher St Francis secondary school also said that since parents were also affected by the outbreak of corona virus pandemic, they never expected high turn up of learners. Learners and parents said that they were overjoyed about schools being opened. Many parents said their prayers have been answered since their children had started copying bad characters.

Peter Okech the Mayor Biiso town council cautioned parents who haven’t released their children for academics noting that in other district they have resolved to arrest and fine such parents. He has therefore asked all parents and guardians to release their children so that they report to learning institutions.


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