By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Residents of Adodoi parish in Bukedea Sub County in Bukedea district have criticized the government for the failure to improvise the agricultural inputs which has resulted into the looming famine in the communities.

In a survey conducted by ugreports.com in the sampled villages of Makedonia, Kasoka, Malera, Kolir and Kamutur among others, crops are harvested prematurely.

In the past years before the outbreak of coronavirus, the government used to improvise agricultural inputs such as cassava cuttings, maize seeds, and beans seeds among others to the district which later distributed to the sub county level, however, which is not the case for this year.

Kalvin Richard Okii, the Adodoi area councillor, says the projection of famine is uncertain.

According to Okii, the few planted crops are still in gardens and there is a lot of stealing food from the gardens in the community.

“If the government had distributed agricultural inputs, people would be ensured the use of the early rains, now no agricultural inputs, the few cassava cuttings some acquired, only few are planted,”Okii said.

Maj. Victor Moses Ocan, the Operation Wealth Creation Coordinator Bukedea recently during an interview with ugreports.com said the government is focusing on commercial farming which is a long term investment for example planting of oranges, among others.

“The government is distributing inputs for example, orange seedlings, kashrut’s among others”, said Ocan.

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