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By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Authorities in Bukedea district local government have instructed a mandate to every government employee to procure an identity card which introduces his/her office in the district.

The directive came as a resolution to a bid for the issuing of introductory letters by the office of the chief administrative officer.

According to the letter issued by the office of the chief administrative officer Maira Joseph Mukasa to the Bukedea district local government employees dated on 2nd, Aug 2022 instructs all the district employees to pay a fee of twenty thousand shillings to the service provider in order to get an identity card.

“We have sourced for the service provider for the ID’s so before you visit the service provider you must visit the office of the human resource to register and to be issued with an introductory slip,”the letter details.

Mukasa also added that the ready Identity cards will be signed from the office of the human resource.

“Going forward, no more introductory letters would be issued,” Mr. Mukasa added.


Samuel Musoke, the workers’ league councillor representing workers defy the directive saying it’s not proper for the CAO to charge any employee to pay money for an ID since they work for the government.

“I am going to write to CAO to stop this with immediate effect, if the government ID’s are free of charge while then charging the government employees,” Musoke said.

Letter seen by our reporter {George Emuron}

He also added that Bukedea district local government has over 1,000 workers and the aspect of CAO sourcing separately for the service provider is an element of corruption.

“Every worker pays twenty thousand shillings now in total with the number of workers in Bukedea district, this is purely looking for a kick back, I am not going to accept this,” Musoke vowed.

However, some of the civil servants in an interview denied the chief administrative directives.

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