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By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: The government of Uganda through Office of the Prime Minister has started empowering the leaders in Northern Uganda through giving them heifers as way of bailing them out of poverty and creating wealth among them.

The Minister for Northern Uganda Grace Kweyocwing who handed over the heifers to the beneficiaries recently disclosed that government has budgeted to give out of 239 to the political, religious, cultural, public institution and some model farmers in Northern Uganda.

At least a total of 143 inn calf high breed heifers were given to 53 beneficiaries across the region meanwhile a total of 96 heifers will be included in the next phase.

Information obtained from the Office of the Prime Minister states that Acholi received  63 for 27 beneficiaries, 36 heifers to 12 beneficiaries in Lango and 44 heifers to 14 beneficiaries in West Nile respectively.

Among the institutions who were given the heifers include Gulu, Lira, and Muni University each were given five heifers.

Other beneficiaries were Acholi Muslim district Diocese of Northern Uganda, Gulu archdiocese, Acholi region, Ker Kwaro Acholi, Bishop Odam foundation for nodding Centre in Kitgum mission.


All the retired bishops in Northern Uganda , Norbert Mao, Joyce Laker, Wokorach Simon peter MP Aswa county , Akello Beatrice Akori state minister for monitoring and planning who doubles as woman Mp Agago district also received the heifers.

Minister noted that if leaders are empowered, they can challenge the status quo through exemplary leadership and make them more influential in the community.

“I had to lobby for the leaders following their concern that they are not benefiting from any government program though they are playing a critical role in sensitization, peace keeping and monitoring of roles, “Kweyocwing said.

She also asked the beneficiaries to utilize them well, treat them when they felt sick, give them clean water, if they want to get plenty of milk.

Kweyocwing further asked the beneficiaries to desist from using the heifers for dowry but for wealth creation.

Rev. Fr. Anthony Nyeko Parish priest Kitgum mission who represented Archbishop Odam, a foundation for children with nodding syndrome appreciated the government for considering the religious leaders.

Nyeko is hopeful that the heifer will give them milk for changing diet for children suffering with nodding who are currently admitted in Odama foundation Centre in Kitgum mission parish.

Bishop James Ocan, chairman of born again church in Acholi after receiving the heifers described the initiative as heart touching. He pledges to use this heifer in model farm.

“As church leaders we always have many visitors and our expenditure is always up these heifers if it start to produce milk welcoming my visitor will become easy”

These leaders have however been implored to adapt to four acres model farming, where each acre will be use for coffee, forestry, home, and livestock farming.


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