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They highlighted the need for a balanced approach that addresses the issues affecting both genders.

By Van Deguras

KIGEZI: Youth in the Kigezi Region are calling upon the government to extend its attention beyond just the girl child and also address the challenges faced by the boy child.

These concerns were voiced on Wednesday during the Pre-International Youth Day Dialogue held at Cepheus INN Makanga Hill in Kabale Municipality with the theme of accelerating recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and fully implementing the 2030 agenda.

Tugumenawe Brian from the Uganda National Students Association in Rukungiri District and Bamwanga Gilbert, the Kabale Youth General Secretary, emphasized that the government’s focus should not solely be on the welfare of girl children but also on boys, who are often associated with causing harm to girls.

They highlighted the need for a balanced approach that addresses the issues affecting both genders.

They urged the government to pay equal attention to the boy child, asserting that this would foster harmony and progress between boys and girls.

This approach would also help address the challenges faced by girls, as they often experience difficulties at the hands of boys.

Principal Assistant Secretary Kabale District, Mr. Mazi Gordon, representing Chief Administration Officer Kabale District, Mr. Fred Kalyesubira, stressed the importance of balancing the treatment of all children, given the prevailing circumstances where girls are frequently impregnated by boys. Gordon lamented that the government’s current focus solely on girls is not comprehensive enough to tackle the broader issues.

Dr. Rogers Ampwera, the Executive Director of Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center, emphasized the necessity of collective action to combat these problems and equip the youth with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their lives and bodies.

He asserted that addressing the challenges facing youth should extend to both genders. While acknowledging that girls often face more visible problems.

He also highlighted that boys also play a significant role in causing these challenges, especially pregnancies. He stressed the importance of considering the needs and issues faced by both boys and girls.

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