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By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: The manner in which Gulu City authorities are implementing the construction of 7.88 km USMID roads worth 43.15B shilling has impressed Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority {PPDA}.

Mr. Julius K. Ishungisa the PPDA manager told this website in an interview that the authority has launched the contract monitoring system CMS with the objectives of empowering fast and convenient digital tool that will enables civil society organization CSOs to monitor the implementation of government projects and service delivery in their locality, prepare real time report and share information with the PPDA.

Ishungisa disclosed that the project CMS can easily be accessed by all the CSOs parentings with PPDA as their application interface is available on the Google play store.

However on the same occasion PPDA After the launch of this newly project known as Contract Monitoring System {CMS} at Bomah Hotel Gulu City, the PPDA inspected USMID road which is currently being constructed in Gulu City.

The trip was intended to monitor how billions of shillings which have been pumped in Gulu city under USMID funding are are well utilized to meets standards of values for money.

Dr. Kabugambe Bategeka PPDA board member and procurement specialist revealed that he was impressed with the work Gulu city authorities are implementing using USMID money.


“We have moved through this road which is currently under construction, as procurement specialist I observed that the quality of the material, active involvement of the local contents has impressed and motivated our team”

He revealed that when you go to monitor the government projects site, you will be socks. It has become part and parcel by many of the constrictors to abandon the site and leave it idle.

Here at least over 400 locals are being employed to work as labor in the project as it is always a mandatory requirement to convince the community to own the project. He said if the communities are not employed they may sometimes turn destructive on the project.

Gulu city is currently constructing 7.88 kilometer to a tune of 43.15B support from USMID. These roads include Vincent Opiyo- Oola Labara, Pope John Paul, LakanaOdongkara, Onono, Francis Barabanawe and Nelson Mandela road.

The project which is being implemented by China Railway 18 corporations commenced in February their year and its completion is expected in February 2023.

Christo Omara Balmoi the Gulu city engineer told the UGReports that the work has reached 72 percent of its completion.
He however said heavy rain which is being received in Gulu city is slightly delaying and disrupting other construction work at the site.

Jean Epimac Manirakiza the site manager said that some of the community members are looting the equipment from the site as some of them said their land was encroached in without compensation.

Sometimes the community gang up and block our workers from working but due to the influence from the politicians their people are now open to this development.

Gulu city has been among the beneficiaries of Uganda support to municipal infrastructure development, the city have used the funding to put in place solar street light and constriction road however local in the city are concern on huge pothole on some of the USMID road and nonfunctional solar street light which has thrown some part of Gulu city in the darkness.

Idleness of this solar street light is attributed to factors like theft, aging of their batteries; strong wind has vandalized hundreds of it although the city has also started replacing some of these solar street lights.

Jean Frances Amongin Okili the Gulu city resident commission however applauded the new initiative CMS initiated by PPDA as one of the best solutions to corruption which has facilitated shoddy work and no values for money have been ensured.

Sometime the contract are awarded to incompetence contractor and tool for monitoring they are not in place.

Now that you have given us the authority to monitor the tool we will work together with civil society organizations to ensure values for work are implemented.

What does PPDA do?

Ensure that the application of fair competitive, transparent, and nondiscriminatory and value for money procurement and disposal standard and practice.

Advise government, local government and other procuring and disposing entities on procurement and disposal policies, system and practice and where necessary, on their harmonization.

Set standards for the public procurement and disposal system in Uganda, Monitor compliance of procuring and disposing entities and Build procurement and disposal capacity in Uganda.

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