By Okot Lil Romeo

GULU: Five workers of secondary schools in Gulu district are bitter over the persistent missing of salaries.

The problem has affected five secondary schools in the district including Patiko where two teachers and a burser have been affected, Awach where two teachers have been affected plus Lukome Paicho that have one teacher each.

Agnese Aciro, a history teacher at Awach secondary school disclosed that she has missed salary for one month and that she has been making frequenting the offices of the district CAO and human resource officer in vain.

Aciro adds that missing salary has made her lose the morale of working.

Another teacher at Awach secondary school, Ceaser Okot who is demanding salary arrears for November and December months says he has struggled to get the assistance from the district authorities on the matter in vain.

Ceaser adds that missing salary has made it difficult for him to support his family which he says has frastruated him and a sign that his efforts are not being appreciated by the government.

Daphne Oyella, the deputy head teacher Patiko secondary school, confirms that two of the school’s staff have missed salaries for three months.

She however blames the problem on the network failure.

Robinson Obot, the Gulu district senior district inspector of school confirms that indeed some staff of government schools in the district have missed salaries for some months.

He however puts the blame on the head teachers who he accuses of failing to coordinate with the admistrators so that they can handle the matter in time.

Obot reveals that the issue of system error usually affects the newly recruited staff which is sometime caused by the delays in entering their names by the human resource depertment.

He however revealed that the problem is not limited to Gulu district but affecting other districts across the country.

Obot adds that the matter is beyond the district’s control and can only be handled by the ministry of education.

Meanwhile the CAO Gulu district Ochengel Ismael, says they are trying to engage the ministry of public services to establish the problem and address it.

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