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GULU: Parents of children studying at St. Josephine Bakhita Nursery and Primary School with Nursery Teaching College annexed in Bar-Dege Layibi division in Gulu City, have applauded the leadership of the school for offering free scholarships to their children.

The development follows the pronouncement made by the management of the school, that they will be offering scholarships slots for 300 pupils who come from poor family backgrounds and children whose parents were heavily affected by the COVID19.

The scholarships under Community Learning Initiative Project, which is majorly targeting children from the upper classes of P.5 to P.7 was started this year by the school management, teachers, and the community members aiming at providing free learning opportunity for children from the Vulnerable families who might have been affected by COVID19 to further their studies.

Gladys Amony, a mother of five children, resident of Bar-Dege Layibi division, whose two children have been recruited into the scholarship project, says the scholarship is a big relief for her since she could no longer afford to raise money to pay their school fees.


Lucy Acan, from St. Joe all in the same division, who has physical disability on her leg, says she had already given up on taking her children back to school due to financial constraints, appreciated the leadership of the school for enrolling two of her children into the scholarships project.

Earnest Musolo, the school administrator says the project which is expected to run for a period of three years is a COVID19 post recovery mechanism targeting child mothers, children from poor families, and pupils who suffered and couldn’t continue with study as a result of Gender Based Violence.

Brenda Amito, the head teacher of both Nursery and Primary section, said each beneficiary is expected to buy books, Pens, Uniforms, and feeding fees respectively.

Amito noted that, a total of 50 pupils from Primary Five to Primary Seven have already been enrolled into the project with a number of girls out weighing boys including a child mother and children from other categories.

Emmanuel Onencan, the Principal of St. Josephine Bakhita Nursery Teachers Training School, said they need support from the well-wishers because they are currently relying on the school fees from the lower classes to run the entire school.

The school has pupils’ enrollment of 150 pupils from P.1 up to P.7, with 20 in Primary seven, 30 in Primary six, 27 in Primary five and the rest are in P.1 to P.3 classes.

K1 to K3 pays 90.000 Shilling, P.1 tp P.3 pays 100,000 Shilling, P.4 to P.6 pays 120.000 Shilling and finally P.7 pays 130,000 Shilling excluding requirements.

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