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By Willbroad Onencan.

GULU: A section of support staff at Gulu regional referral on Thursday laid down their tools following the delay pay. The workers are demanding payment for three months.

According to one of the workers who preferred anonymity, they have not received their pay since this year. ‘’We last received our pay last year in December,’’ she said.

She also added that they have raised the matter to the hospital administrator and the response was negative and this prompted them to lay down their tools since their voice cannot be heard.

However, one of the male workers who also preferred anonymity said they are facing various challenges which include water crisis more especially during this dry season and they are using one borehole serving the entire hospital which are difficult for them to execute their duty.

He further noted that their landlords are evicting them from their house because of the rent arrears which has been accumulating for the last three months and this makes their lives difficult in the communities.

Alfred Nuwagaba, the Private contractor in charge of cleaning at Gulu regional referral hospital acknowledged the complaint raised by support workers but blamed the hospital administrators for delaying to pay them.

He therefore urged workers to be patient and promised to pay the workers with immediate effect on Friday {today}.

Akello Monica, patient attendant at the outpatient department said the hygiene of the toilet is alarming and she expressed her fear that if this strike continues then the patients will be suffering and can easily get infections.

She further noted that they cannot eat their meals due to bad smell and flies keep disturbing them whenever they are eating food.

Dr Florence Oyella the assistant Administrator Gulu regional referral hospital says she is not aware of any strike going on adding that she will follow up the issue.

‘’I’m not aware of any strike going on, adding that she will follow up the issue,’’ she said.

The most affected areas are maternal ward, outpatient department (OPD) among others.

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