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GULU: The administrators of Gulu Central High school have temporarily closed the school following a riot last night, students have been told to report back to school after two weeks.

The closure of the learning institution is to enable police to investigate circumstances surrounding the death of two students following a violent strike that happened last night leaving many more seriously wounded.

Students were Monday morning given only 15 minutes to leave the school premises, being escorted by police.

The violent strike started after the school administrators rejected a plea from students to broadcast the Manchester City and Manchester United game which ended 4-1 in favour of Manchester City.

The Bwonagweno village local chairperson Alfred Otema explained that the unrest at the school started when the students started pelting the roof with stones demanding that the match be broadcast.

Otema said that some student leaders, security guards and teachers attempted to calm down the students in vain, prompting the management to call in the Police which angered the already charged students and the situation escalated when rowdy students charged towards the Police officer who responded by firing teargas.


According to Otema, this didn’t help, forcing the Police to call in the army for reinforcements and the joint security then used live ammunition, hitting two students and explaining that one of the students who was shot had climbed a mango tree in the school compound while the other was running for dear life.


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