By Moses Alinda

ARUA: The planned peaceful demonstration by Arua main market vendors against Arua city authorities has been cut short by security operatives

Last week Vendors in Arua central market gave Arua city council an ultimatum of one week to respond to their demands.

The vendors wanted explanation from the city council as to why their queries they have been raising time and again have not been addressed.

The vendors further said if there is no response in one week the next step will be closing the market and going to streets for peaceful demonstration.

On Tuesday morning the demonstration started with refusal to open the market, however the heavy deployment of the joint security operatives of Uganda Police and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces {UPDF} forcefully opened the market at 8am.

By press time the other sectors of fresh food, produce and restaurants in the market were operating though the textile sector was not operating.

According to reliable sources heavy deployment started as early as 10pm on Monday after the relevant offices had received the letter from the vendors notifying them of the peaceful demonstration

According to Nelson Dada the chairperson Arua central market the vendors demonstration has been a success since it is the national security organs that have forcefully opened the market.

Some of the vendors who spoke to ugreports cursed the leaders for deploying the security to foil their demonstration.

They say they are waiting to see if any step is taken by the concerned people.

The presence of both foot and motorized security patrols were in every corner of the market.

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