By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: Over 100 households in Awach Town Council Gulu District have Monday woke up in a glamorous face as heavy downfall with strong wind destroyed their properties, huts, houses, trees and acres of garden were crops such as cassava, paw paw and banana plantation were massively destroyed.

The victims told our reporter that the catastrophe which happened in the dawn was unpredictable according to the local who were relaxed and waiting for the resumptions of rainfall in the middle of March.

The affected wards are Paduny Payota and Paduny paromo where the statistics revealed by Hon. Kenneth Oyet the area councillor five show that kiosk, 4 container and 60 huts were blown away by the storms.

Oyet also adds that the electric wire was cut off adding that the broken tree branches have blocked many path way roads within the trading centres.

Properties destroyed include both of government and that of the community which include one block of Girls dormitory at Awach vocational skill training school were the roof was blown away hence injuring one learners who is currently hospitalised at Awach health centre four, solar panel installed on hospital roof at Awach health IV, one of the video hall and roof at Gwengdiya primary school were also blown away.

These development has left hundreds residents and the businessmen who were operating in awach town council counting an accrued losses in their business following the cost of the destruction caused by the rain with strong wind in the dawn.

Bosco Odong Lucani the proprietor of Lucani house in Awach town council told ugreports that the roof of his whole business block with over 8 rooms which is currently being occupied by the bossiness men was blown away leaving his tenant counting loses.

He however appealed to the responsible ministry to rescue them from the catastrophe citing that the destruction was beyond their repair.

Samuel Okeny one of the eye witness who took the initiate to trek to the affected area explains that the foods item, cooking utensils, clothes and many house properties from the affected sub ward were blown away or mixed up with dirty rain water any they are now desperate for basic need such as clothes and foods.

“I was desperate about the development because I closed my salon when it was in good shaped but today I was left wordless, nothing I could do as my salon it was the only business I fend on it for my family” Jacky Aloyo lamented.

Bernard Terry Kinyera the Awach sub county speaker however called upon the government humanitarian organisation to response quickly citing that the affected people are in sorrow conditions
He blamed the incident on climate change which he said is caused by rampant cutting of trees for charcoal business in the sub county.

Kinyera urged the residents to embark on constructing a good permanent house and planting the trees so that the catastrophes never happen again in future.

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