By Flavia Ajok

HOIMA: Hoima city council has passed a resolution condemning the planned secesion of  Bugungu from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

The motion was moved by Sylvia Balyesiima Nalumaga,  the  city’s leader of government business and seconded by Achilis Kiiza,  the city’s secretary for health during a council seating on Thursday.

This comes at a time when a section of Bagungu in Buliisa district is pushing for secession from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom citing marginalisation and erosion of their culture,  allegations Bunyoro Kingdom denies.

Brain Kaboyo, the city’ mayor said the secession  is being pushed   by what he termed as a few people pursuing selfish goals.

Kaboyo added that the Bagungu have harmonously  lived in the kingdom for long and he dismissed the claims of  marginalisation  being advanced by the secession agitators.

He added that the  city council has decided to condemn  the secession because they want Bunyoro to remain united the way  it has been before even the secession agitators were born.


Edward Isingoma, the city’s  speaker revealed that the  council has decided to  condemn the  plans to split any part from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom because the Bagungu breakaway will  set a bad  precedence that  will see  other communities  breaking  away from the kingdom.

Isingoma added that  Bunyoro unity is its  strength in terms  of bargaining for development for the  region and he advised those pushing for the succession to instead seek dialogue with the kingdom so that their grievances can be resolved amicably.

Recently some  sub counties  and town councils in Buliisa district passed resolutions supporting the planned Bagungu secession from Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom while others rejected it.

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