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By Chris M Bruno

HOIMA: Kitoba sub-county leadership on Tuesday launched Dwoli Bwendero Daily Market in order to boost the income of people.

Speaking as chief during the launch of this market James Mugenyi Mulindambura the Secretary for Production Works and Natural Resources asked residents in that area to utilize that market so that it would increase their daily income.

He says that Uganda needs people who are Development oriented, promising that the district is ready to support them by installing all the requirements like water, latrines etc.

Geofrey Komakeci, the district secretary for finance planning and investment in Hoima, asked vendors to avoid envy.

While in that using that market thing which he says leaves the area to lag behind.

He says that it’s high time people in their respective areas started working as a team if they are to get quick development.

Kaliisa Elisha the area chairman LC 3 asked residents to embrace this programme by supplying food items in the market.

He says that the market is going to receive traders from different areas stressing that it will be unfortunate if they find stalls empty.

Safiyani Asiimwe, the chairman of that market, says that vacancies in that market are still available there by asking willing people to come and occupy them.

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