By Chris M Bruno

HOIMA: Street venders of Hoima East City Division have Monday elected their leaders under Hoima East United Street Venders Association so as to tap in the government projects.

The vendors were first trained by Susan Nafuna Wandega, the Community Development Officer Hoima East Division on the significance of being united under an association. The training took place at Happy land gardens in Hoima.

Steven Bazaale was elected the chairperson of the Association, Jennet Avaco as his vice, Businge Kusemererwa was elected secretary, Susan Birungi Treasurer of the association, Erias Byenkya as the mobilizer, Amon Ayesiga as defense and Susan Ajore for welfare.

They also went ahead and elected the committee that will work hand in hand with the executive members were Grace Kabajungu will represent matooke venders, Yunusu Kugonga to represent spices venders, Moses Sanyu to represent the fish mongers and Beatrice Tumwesige to represent fresh food venders.

Susan Nafuna Wandega said that it’s hard for groups without leadership to benefit from government programs.

Nafuna added that since they have leadership, it will be easier for the division to issue licence, collect tax, and communication gap will be bridged thua improved service delivery to the vendors since they are now under one association.


Steven Bazaale the newly elected chairperson revealed that he will make sure that in the next financial year street vendors get a gazetted market through the help of Mayor Hoima City.

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