By Flavia Ajok

HOIMA: Police in Hoima city is renovating the former local administrative police station block in Buhanika cell hoima east city division as part of its efforts of fighting crimes in the area.

Badru Mugabi, the Hoima City Resident Commissioner who is also the chairperson security committee in the city says after renovation, the block will become a police station and become  the headquarter for Hoima East division.

Mugabi adds there has been a public outcry about insecurity in the places in the peripherals of the east division partly due to thin police presence noting that the opening of Buhanika police station will increase the police presence and reduce crimes there.

RCC Mugabi explains that the building is being renovated with money that has been raised through his personal initiative although he could not state how much will be spent on the work.

Local administration police had been introduced to help in collecting graduated taxi but was abolished in early 2000 and later integrated with the central police.

Fredrick Emmanuel Isabirye, the officer in charge Hoima East division explains that police is opening up various posts and stations to extend it services nearer to the communities to enable it fulfil its core values of protecting citizens and their property.

The area has witnessed a wave of insecurity in the recent past that has seen many residents lose items including livestock among other domestic property.

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