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By Flavia Ajok

HOIMA:Politicians and technocrats  in Hoima city have accused each other of crippling service delivery and the development of the city.

During a meeting for the leaders of Hoima east division  on Friday, the division  town clerk Milton Asiimwe revealed that the city is not orderly and developed due to what he termed as politicians siding with the vendors each time the technocrats want to do something about  the vendors.

Asiimwe added that  whenever they conduct  operations to put the city to order by evicting the vendors from the streets, he receives overwhelming phone calls from politicians pleading for  the vendors which makes it hard for him to continue with  his work.

He therefore observed the need for team work between the two sides if they are to have the desired city.

However Julius Muhanguzi, the male youth councillor at  Hoima east division challenged  the town clerk to name  the politicians he accused  of  interfering with his work.

In his response, the town clerk said he could not  pinpoint any of the politicians saying  they know themselves and that it is  not proper for him to shame them.


He however observed the need for  the two sides  to go back to the  drawing board and address the issues of street vendors if they are to have an orderly  city.

But Muhagnuzi accused the town clerk and his team  of crippling the service delivery and the development of the city if he could not  point out the politicians  failing him.

Bosco Muhanuzi, the mayor of Hoima east city division, said they don’t allow street vendors in the city and even the vendors  know it very well.

Muhanuzi added that the  city  authorities have gazetted places where different kinds of commodities are supposed to be  sold from, warning that the traders who will  defy the arrangement will be evicted from those places.

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