Nyangoma was rushed to Jobita Medical Centre after she sustained body injuries.

By Chris M Bruno

HOIMA: Police in Hoima are hunting for Mr. Mukiibi Justus, a teacher at Premier Secondary School in Hoima City for allegedly assaulting two students because of conversing during an academic test.

The rowdy teacher assaulted a sixteen-year-old, Joan Nyangoma on the evening of March 17, as they were writing an entrepreneurship test.

Sources allege that the teacher who was supervising the learners asked them to stand up and handover the papers since it was time up.

While in the line as learners were placing the papers on the table, a colleague asked Nyangoma to help her hand in her paper but the survivor refused.

This forced Mukiibi who saw Nyangoma talking, slapped and beat her several times in class before he dragged and locked her into one of the offices where he beat her again.

Nyangoma was rushed to Jobita Medical Centre after she sustained body injuries.

The police medical report indicates that the student suffered pain around the back and chest.

The Albertine Region Police Spokesperson ASP Julius Allan Hakiza, confirmed the incident on Monday (March 27).

He said the suspect is expected to report at Hoima police station before close of business today, adding that as investigations into the matter continue to establish the truth.

‘’The assault case was reported under file number 60/17/03/2023 and the matter is under investigation. The teacher was summoned to appear here and he gives the facts on this complainant,” he said, adding that more details will be available soon.

The privately owned school had not commented on the matter by press time.

Article 106 (a) of children’s Act, as amended in 2016, prohibits corporal punishments in schools. It states that a person of authority in institutions of learning shall not subject a child to any form of corporal punishments.

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