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‘’I will soon go on one of the local radio stations in Kisoro town and explain exactly what happened,’’ he defended.

By Van Deguras

KISORO: A section of voters in Kisoro Municipality, Kisoro District, on Monday staged a peaceful protest, demanding their area Member of Parliament, Hon. Eng. Paul Kwizera Bucyana, resign for co-signing a minority report that sought to block the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023.

Parliament on March 21 passed the controversial Bill, introducing tough penalties, including death for aggravated homosexuality, as well as imprisonment of up to 20 years for acts of homosexuality, promoting homosexuality, child grooming and promotion of homosexuality.

The demonstrators marched along Kisoro streets carrying placards with the words ‘We are not homosexuals, ‘Kisoro Municipality MP must resign! and For us, we believe in the Bible’.

They later gathered at Seseme playground in Kisoro municipality and threatened to initiate a process to kick Mr Bucyana out of the house, accusing him of misrepresenting them.

George Christopher said that the politician angered them by signing against Anti-Homosexuality Bill. ‘’Right now I have two wives; should I divorce them and marry my fellow men? he questioned.

Other demonstrators accused the legislator of not representing their interests, saying he doesn’t debate on the floor of the parliament, but they were surprised to learn that he was among the legislators who co-signed the minority report.

Another demonstrator, Ms. Nshuti Peace, stated that voting for a leader implies that he or she should lobby for services for electorates.We don’t have electricity or safe water. We made a loss by sending Hon. Paul Kwizera to Parliament.

When contacted, the accused, Hon. Eng. Paul Kwizera Bucyana, said that the demonstrators were being used by his political opponents to spoil his political career. ‘’I will soon go on one of the local radio stations in Kisoro town and explain exactly what happened,’’ he defended.

Meanwhile, the Kisoro district council on Monday passed a resolution expressing its appreciation for the Parliament of Uganda for passing the bill.

The motion was moved by the Kisoro district LCV chairperson, Mr. Abel Bizimana, before it was unanimously supported by all councilors.

Mr. Abel Bizimana asked President Museveni to sign the bill into law and described the lawmakers who are against the bill as a disgrace to the nation.

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