You can't perform at that level and gain the trust of the people without a clear ideology. It gives him consistency as well.

By Guest Writer

OPINION: President Museveni is an erudite veteran politician who has incredibly transformed Uganda.

I’m very sure he imagines and continuously rehearses what he will tell God when he dies. It will be prestigious for Museveni to tell God that he reconstructed a broken and crippled state into the admirable Uganda of today.

Throughout his life, he has dedicated himself to serving the people of Uganda. Many people love him because, for him, the first priority is the safety of the wanainch.

Any sensed danger to the wanainch becomes a matter of life and death to protect them, because if it weren’t a matter of life and death, he wouldn’t have survived such a long time in the Job.

This is justified by the way he silenced Kony’s LRA in Northern Uganda, the ADF in western Uganda, Lakwena, the disguised jingoism of Besigye and the group in Kampala, and now the ethnocentric group of Bobi Wine and his entire group of NUP  people power, mostly in Kampala-Wakiso.

There is something within Museveni that automatically pushes him to improve. The fact that he believes he is at the service of the wanainch first is something bigger than him. He came with a clear ideology and philosophy, which most Ugandans believed made the NRM the most loved political party in the country to date.

You can’t perform at that level and gain the trust of the people without a clear ideology. It gives him consistency as well.

He has shown the whole world that, yes, what is important in life is how good you are. That we have to rise above all the other challenges. He always tries to say that leadership is a great meritocracy. It’s just based on merit and competence.

Museveni has also shown an example to us, the young generation. He simply does what he studied best. He didn’t go to the theater to study music like Bobi Wine or medicine like Besigye, but rather to study governing society.

Certainly he has his hubristic flaws like any other human, though I think the greatest is thinking that by clinging on to power, he can change Uganda into a first- or second-world country. It’s something he has failed at for the past 38 years, and I believe to protect his legacy, he should voluntarily exit from power.

The author is George Mubiru, a Jinja-based researcher, senior teacher, and NRM mobilizer.

Disclaimer: We, as UG Reports Media LTD, welcome any opinion by anyone if it’s of constructive use to the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of UG Reports Media LTD but of the author of the article.

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