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MASINDI: All that glitters is not gold, though Masindi district general hospital has a beautiful gate, it has many open access routes.

Masindi district general hospital could be one of the most secured areas since it’s the only referral hospital in the Masindi district which as well serves other neighboring districts like Kiryandongo, Buliisa, part of Nakasongola and Hoima.

Though security is seen safeguarding the hospital’s main gate, there is still a security threat since it has many open access routes which are not guarded.

Some of the open access routes which are not safeguarded are at the mortuary, behind the male ward, between the TASO headquarters and Maternity ward and also the hospital staff quarters.

On Sunday 1st May 2022, a three days old baby was stolen from the mother at the same hospital’s maternity ward.

It’s reported that the suspect identified as Jude Achidru 16, spent a night at the maternity ward, and the next day in the afternoon disappeared with the three days old baby.

According to the eyewitnesses who spoke to ugreports, the suspect didn’t surface at the hospital’s main gate, rather smartly vacated the hospital premises through the open access route behind the male ward.

Mary Atugonza, a caretaker at the maternity ward stressed how the area is insecure citing many access routes leading to the hospital premises which are not guarded.

She said that there is a need for the hospital authorities to fence the hospital premises for the safety of patients since people access the hospital at any time.

Sharon Asiimwe explains that most people no longer use the main gate mostly when its inconveniencing their destination. She asserted that most people use open access routes.

”Those from Kihande use the access route behind male ward, while those from Kijura trading centre use the staff quarters open access route and those heading to  Masindi town use the route between TASO and the maternity ward,” said Asiimwe.

She also asserted that its security threat since the main gate isn’t guarded at night and in addition people prefer accessing the hospital through open access routes.

On 16th April 2021, unknown thugs took away a battery to the National Medical Stores {NMS} Vehicle that was parked at Masindi district General Hospital.

The vehicle registration number UAJ 200X which delivered drugs at Masindi General Hospital the day before spent a night at the hospital premises but had no battery by the next morning.

On 9th July 2021, Cosmas Byaruhanga the Masindi district LCV Chaiperson challenged the members of parliament to increase funding for the health sector in order to improve the status of health centres in the country.

Byaruhanga challenged fellow politicians during the meeting between the coronavirus taskforce committee and the parliamentary taskforce committee on corona virus at Masindi district general hospital.

During the same meeting, Patrick Baguma the Former Acting District Health Officer Masindi decried the poor state of Masindi Hospital which is overwhelmed with patients and yet it’s capacity is meant to handle not more than 100 patients.

The hospital was built in 1922, as a health aid post for the workers of the East African Railways. In 1935, it was acquired by the colonial government and developed into a Health Center IV facility.

In 1965 it was handed over to the government of Uganda. In 1988, it was upgraded to a 100-bed general hospital.

Francis Twijukye the Member of Parliament for Buhwezi who was on the parliamentary task force committee on corona virus said the state of Masindi district general hospital needs urgent attention.

Jino Abiriga the Acting District Health Officer Masindi told ugreports that they have secured money to build a perimeter around the hospital premises.

The health specialist revealed that they have already secured 17 million shillings in the next financial year to kick off the construction.

”Since we don’t have funds, we shall be securing funds every financial year for the construction of the perimeter wall around the hospital until it’s finished,” he disclosed.

Hon. Joab Businge the Masindi Municipality Member of Parliament told ugreports Tuesday morning that though the hospital is in sorry state, they tabled the matter before the parliament and they are hopeful it will be captured in the 2022/2023 financial year budget.

”I can’t comment much until the 2022/2023 financial year budget is released because we tabled the issue of Masindi district general hospital before the parliament,” said Businge.

While closing the ideological training of area chairpersons and councilors at Kabalye Police Training School recently, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja the Prime Minister of Uganda assured Masindi leaders that the renovation of Masindi district general hospital was captured in the 2022/2023 financial year.

On 16th September 2018, The Parliamentary Committee on Quality Assurance was left in shock upon revelations that money meant for the rehabilitation of Masindi District General Hospital was diverted towards the renovation of Kiryandongo Hospital.

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