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KAMPALA: The Democratic Party {DP} President Norbert Mao has dismissed the allegations that he joined the ruling National Resistance Movement {NRM} Party.

According to Mao, if he had joined the ruling party, we would have displayed the party identity card. ‘’I did not join the ruling NRM party, did you see me displaying the NRM card, I’m still in DP,’’ he says.

The DP President says that the agreement he signed with President Museveni is not about the DP or NRM Party but for the betterment of Ugandans.

‘’The agreement we signed wasn’t about the political parties but for the betterment of Ugandans,’’ Mao says.

According to him, many people have approached President Museveni to sign an agreement but have not succeeded. ‘’Many people have approached President Museveni to sign an agreement but have not succeeded,’’ he explains.

Mao says that he trusts President Museveni and he will implement what was agreed in the agreement.


‘’If President Museveni defies the agreement we signed, he will have betrayed Ugandans since the agreement is for the benefit of Ugandans,’’ he said.

However, a section of Members of Parliament of the Democratic Party have distanced themselves from the signed working cooperation agreement between the ruling NRM and DP Party.

In a press conference at Parliament on Thursday, four DP MPs including Mityana South MP, Richard Lumu, Bukoto Central MP, Richard Sebamala, Buikwe South MP, Lulume Bayiga, and Kyotera County MP, John Paul Mpalanyi said that they were not party to the agreement with NRM and demanded the immediate resignation of Mao.

Richard Sebamala, the Bukoto Central MP said that it has been evident for a long time that Museveni and Mao were cooperating and that the current developments are disheartening.

“DP is not Mao and Mao is not in DP. We are not a party to this and we remain in DP as an Opposition party. We are going to ensure that we elect another President and ensure that we draw a thick line between DP and NRM,” said Sebamala.

He described the current developments as a wave that will pass, and also emphasized that they are not party to the agreement and are to continue providing alternatives as Opposition MPs.

Contrary to the opposition, the Fort Portal Resident City Commissioner Angalia Godwin Kasigwa, a born of Buliisa district who was once a DP member before joining NUP party, commends Mao’s action.

Angalia told www.ugreports.com that Mao had united the opposition parties in the country and his defection meant a lot for the development of Uganda.

‘’Mao united the opposition parties in Uganda and his defection means a lot for the development of our country,’’ he asserted.

Angalia notes that there is no problem with the opposition working with the NRM party adding that it is all about focusing on things that benefit the two sides instead of what divides them.

He further notes that for Africa to develop, the opposition should not look at the ruling parties as enemies.

‘’We should desist from political differences and move to develop Uganda, politics has changed, it’s all about cooperation and working together for the development of Uganda,’’ he said.

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