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HOIMA: Rt. Hon. Andrew Byakutaga the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has refuted the allegations that he has been suspended from the office.

Speaking to Monday morning, Byakutaga said that he hasn’t received the letter suspending him from performing the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom duties.

”I haven’t received any letter suspending me, and its only the King who appoints and dismisses. i’m even in office performing my duties,” he noted.


On Sunday evening, came across a letter stating that the Kingdom’s Prime Minister has been suspended from performing his duties, following the Babiito general meeting that sat on Saturday at Karuzika Palace.

The letter stated that the meeting was chaired by Owek. Fred Mugenyi Okwiri the Chief Prince Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom. ”The meeting noted with concern your persistent and unbecoming conduct contradicting the cultural values and aspirations of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom,” the letter stated.

The letter also stated that the prime minister lacks transparency and accountability for Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom resources pointing out fraudulent and debious cash withdraws and expenditures without the approval of the kingdom finances, where colossal sums of money are withdrawn several times on the same day by the prime minister and his cosignatories without any approved financial policy and activity plan in place.

The gross mismanagement of of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom assets and property including the destruct of Bugoma forests ancestral land, Muhangaizima cultural site, Katasiiha fort historical site, Semwema cultural site, Royal burial grounds in greater kibaale, Miduuma burial grounds in Masindi, are some of the issues stated in the letter that have led to the suspension of Byakutaga.

The letter further stated that the prime minister was involved in fraudulent sale of the kingdom land including the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom hosting Kagadi and Kakumiro district headquarters , Kaduku forest land and Waisembe omukihane {Wampanga} land.


Fred Mugenyi Okwiri the Chief Prince also stated in the letter that he was interrupted by the Prime Minister Andrew Byakutaga from visiting Muhangaizima cultural site by ordering the security not to allow his delegation to step at the cultural site.

According to the letter, Mugenyi also stated that its total disregard to customs, values, rituals and aspirations of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

The meeting also observed that these actions tantamount to gross abuse of the office by the Prime Minister Bunyoro Kitara institution and its leadership before Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom subjects.

”Therefore, for the good and continued smooth existance and growth of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, you are instructed to handover your office and all the kingdom property sin your possession to your deputies for continuity of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom operations and businesses,” the letter concluded.

However, Andrew Byakutaga told that its unfortunate, and maybe someone is impersonating Fred Mugenyi Okwiri the Chief Prince noting that he hasn’t received the letter and in addition its the King who appoints and dismisses.

He asked the public to be calm noting that all the Kingdom’s activities are smoothly ongoing and there is no any problem in the Kingdom.

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