By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: James Mugisa the Buliisa district Inspector of schools has revealed that although schools resumed operation last month, there are still many challenges they are experiencing.

The inspector of schools noted that lack of enough classrooms, desks, inadequate teachers are among the issues affecting the education department in the district.

Mugisa also noted that several problems in schools are due to the overwhelming number of pupils citing that some schools including Kisomere, Kihungya among other primary schools have over one thousand five {1,005} learners.


He also told that in most of the schools in the district, there are over 300 learners in a class hence becoming hard to be handled by one teacher.

”We are overwhelmed by the number of learners, most classes have over 300 learners hence hard to be handled by a single teacher, and risking the spread of the deadly corona virus pandemic,” he asserted.

The education specialist called upon the government and the non-governmental organizations to intervene.

”There is need for government or non-governmental organization’s intervention since the situation is out of our hands,” Mugisa said.

The despite the challenges, Mugisa asked parents and guardians to support their children with enough scholastic materials.


Jimmy Gusalire the head teacher Nyamasoga Primary School in Biiso Sub County told that the school has only seven classes asserting that they have over 1,000 learners in lower classes noting that they don’t have enough teachers.

‘’We don’t have extra classes to accommodate the learners, and its affecting the pupils’ performance, in addition with few teachers to handle these learners,’’ he asserted.

The head teacher also said although the pupil`s number is devastating at the school, parents and guardians have even gone ahead to seek admissions for their children.

Nyamasoga primary school is a government aided school in Biiso Town council Buliisa district that serves almost the entire community of Biiso Sub County and Town Council.

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