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By Ismail Bategeka

MASINDI: Betty Kamya Turwomwe the Inspector General of Government has told police officers to involve the public in fight against corruption.

Kamya told the police officers on Thursday at Kabalye Police Training School during the graduation of 496 officers who had undergone criminal investigation course and in service officer basic course.

According to Kamya, Ugandans and public officers have not paid adequate attention to the rule of law and disrespected corruption laws which is prompting her office to extend the corruption fight to the general public to be involved.

”We are now emphasizing on how to prevent corruption, we are extending this fight to the public and we need police to co-operate with the public also as we emphasize the adherence to rule of law,” Kamya said.

She further urged police to ensure the mechanism of leadership code of conduct be followed by all civil servants as a way of weeding out corrupt officers.

‘Public officers missing or delaying citizens for services should also be reported to I.G.G we need better services for every one,” Kamya noted.

Kamwa further highlighted how it was completely out of order for the body guards of lands commission chairperson Beatrice Byenkya to block police officers with search warrants.

”They were out of order to block police officers more so with search warrant,” Kamya asserted.
In December 2021, a study funded by GIZ on Uganda’s corruption level showed Uganda losing 10 trillion per year due to corruption.

”The money we loose can afford to fund one billion shillings each parish, each year in Uganda but it is swindled by individuals,” Kamya told police officers.

According to the Inspector General of Government office, Corruption fights in Uganda are centered on whistleblowers, therefore a need to be centered by the whole public.

Kamya says her office is following up the already reported corruption cases to her office but faces a challenge of producing evidence beyond reasonable doubt to court to pin the culprits.

”That’s why we said this war on corruption is not only for police officers but also for citizens in the country, we loose ten trillion annually and yet we don’t have drugs in hospital and those who take the money seek medical services outside the country,” she said.


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