By Christopher Nyeko

ACHOLI: Joseph Kabuleta Kizza, the former presidential candidate in the 2021 Uganda general election has warned Ugandans to stand upright to resist any government programs engineered to impoverish the people.

Kabuleta who was talking during the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), one of his initiative piloted to sensitize Ugandan on how the current regime is strategically rooted in promoting poverty on people, to enable them extent their regime in to realisation of what they term as pakalas literally translated as forever so that its citizen are kept under the current regime foot step.

Kabaleta spoke from Palema Crown Hotel in Gulu city on February 14, 2022, disclosing that NRM ideologies are plagiarism of British indirect rule system

”British applied divide and rule system, modern day slavery, and exploitation. These are what NRM has adopted too,” Kabuleta said.

Kabuleta lamentably revealed that the people from Bunyoro used to associate with those in Busoga but due to the bad politics of divide and rule policy practiced by the NRM, they are now not in good track.

He added that children from Acholi were studying at Kabalega College meanwhile children from Buganda were studying in Sir Samuel Baker School but due to the divisionism, segregation, tribalism created by the NRM Government, the two communities no longer associate as used to be in the past.

Kabuleta who was emotional said the government intentionally failed to solve the long insurgency in war in Northern Uganda, a factor Kabuleta said also contributed to the fall and ultimate weakening of many greatest schools such as Sir Samuel Baker, Kitgum High and Gulu High.

According to Kabuleta, the collapse of these schools is now forcing parents who want quality education for their children in Central Uganda and some private schools where they are overcharged with high school dues and transport fares.

”In Bunyoro where I hail from, my people were indoctrinated to grow sugarcanes which do not give them any profit. Instead people who went on loan to secure money for commercial sugar farming have been turned into the Morden day slavery,” Kabuleta disclosed.

He noted “The sugar are taking long in the garden but after it’s harvested, the money are spent on refunding the loan with high interest rates”


He also said the well-known Bugoma forest which was serving as a tropical rain forest has been deforested and no one can now get the remains of this forest.

The politician also said Acholi were moved into internally displaced people camps intentionally so that tyrannises could solve their mission on the vacant land.

After displacing people from their land for over five years, the NRM government has junk a trillion of Money in Northern Uganda but the program is not changing lives but promoting their political ideology to keep the people busy doing nothing.

He cited the programs like Northern Uganda Social Action fund (NUSAF), Peace Recovery and Development Program (PRDP), Northern Uganda Transition Initiative (NUTI), Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Emeyooga, etc. These entire programs are designed to keep people in total object poverty.

“Acholi used to produce the brilliant people who were steering all the sectors in the country but who do we really think  in future time as our youth have been turned into the gatemen, drinkers and drug abusers, ladies have been turned in to the commercial sex works,” Kabuleta said.


Kabuleta further said Museveni is the chief Balalo and a strong supporter of the Balalo program in Acholi with the intention of barring the Acholi from cultivating their fertile land so that the status quo of Acholi people remains unchanged.

“The land is being taken off from Acholi by oppressors.  The animals were looted by Karamojong, and no compensation has been made. They are taking cattle compensation as political capital when time for campaign comes they lay it on table so that the submerging Acholi can support them,” he added.


“Balaoo has been raping women, herding their cattle in people’s garden which has caused destruction of people crops resulting into famine outbreak in Acholi.”


He pointed out that the promotion of cattle rustling in Acholi has been engineered by the government because they should have wiped away this vice through disarmament process which has not been well implemented


“People from Acholi are battling external conflict without government intervention in Kitgum, Agago, Lamwo and Pader, and the Karamojong and South Sudanese who have been attacking and looting people’s properties.

Ronald Opiyo Albino the youth representative from Agago revealed that youth have fled and abandoned homes and not doing any economic activities due to increased escalation of the cattle rustlers.

Opiyo further revealed that the Government has opened the Road linking Agago to karamoja sub region but have failed to deploy Anti-Stock Unit (ASTU) soldiers on the way as they had proposed, hence this idea is not helping the community.


“To address all these challenges the people should desist from giving support to NRM”


Recently Dr. Kizza Besigye has launched the Red Card movement calling upon Ugandans to boycott what he called ‘tyrant’ Yoweri Museveni.

Prudence Apiyo, one of the NRM youth representatives in Gulu District, who doubles as the Gulu City Secretary Women Affairs refuted that “oppositions are best in blames game”. Apiyo however urged the opposition parties to always advise the government on how to find possible ways of solving problems.

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