By Chris M Bruno

KAKUMIRO: Kakumiro district registered low turn up in NRM women committee primaries held on Thursday with most people blaming it on a lack of awareness about the exercise.

Women were supposed to convene at each village starting at 8am to participate in elections of their candidates for the upcoming women’s council elections.

However, in a survey by our reporter in different areas including Kisiita town council, Kyangota B, kyakyiguto Kalama cell and Rwensenge LC1 kyakyijuto parish Kisiita Sub County the turnout was very low.

Robert Ahebwa the Kisiita town council registrar said that even though the primary elections were successful, the turnout was very low in different areas.

Meanwhile Vaster Turyasingura a resident of kyakyijuto Kalama cell in Kisiita Sub County who garnered 40 votes against his rival Kobusingye who got 20 votes commended the voters for supporting her. She also asked her competitor to join her in the coming final election.

Hope Florence Bakeheena who also won in Rwensenge LC 1 Kyakyijuto Parish in Kisiita Sub County with 36 votes applauded the residents for entrusting their votes to her.


The elected flag bearers are expected to participate in general women’s council elections which remain suspended over lack of funds.

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