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KAMPALA: The Commander of Land Forces, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has claimed that there are “some fake Karimojong politicians” who are trying to attack him for his strong and uncompromising views on cattle rustling in Karamoja sub region that has left many people with sleepless nights.

“First of all, the people of Karamoja support me and the UPDF. We are going to intensify military operations in Karamoja. The cattle rustlers will be eliminated,” Muhoozi tweeted.

Muhoozi claimed that he has been in Karamoja sub region for the past two weeks and the region is probably “the most peaceful part of the country”, adding that the few remaining cattle rustlers will be dealt with without mercy.

“We shall teach the cattle rustlers Christianity, if it need be through the barrel of the gun. I hear my brothers in Teso asking for re-armament of the Arrow Boys. First of all, I think I am the third highest commander of Arrow Boys after Mike Mukula and Hon Ecweru. We created Arrow Boys to deal with Kony, Otti and Tabuley. We succeeded in our mission,” he explained.

Muhoozi said that there is no need for the reactivation of Arrow Boys, adding that the current insecurity in the sub region is “small problem” .

In the recent month, warriors from both within and from neighbouring Kenya have wreaked havoc in Karamoja by not only stealing animals but also killing innocent people, including security personnel.


Last month, three geologists and two UPDF soldiers were killed, prompting Muhoozi to declare “hell” on the perpetrators.

The sub-region enjoyed a period of relative peace after the army disarmed gun-wielding rustlers in the early 2000s.

However, the rustlers have rearmed, acquiring guns from across the porous border in Kenya and South Sudan and resorted to their old habits.

Lawmakers hailing from and around Karamoja sub-region recently urged the government to deploy Arrow Boys to fight the vice, claiming that UPDF is not doing enough to address what they described as a security crisis in the sub-region.

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