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GULU: Fourteen Karamojong from Kotido district are stranded on a ring road adjacent to Cereleno market in Gulu city after being dropped off by a vehicle from Kotido district.

Gulu University student Moses Lochum Pisto explained that he was contacted to intervene and find out why his fellow tribe mates were stranded on the streets of Gulu City. “When I asked them why they were on the streets, they told me that their area had been hit by famine,” Lochum said.

The student also told that the stranded Karamojong are residents of Panyangara Sub County, Jie County, Kotido district. Lochum further noted that each person paid a transport fare of Ugx20,000 from Kotido to Gulu. “The four adults and fourteen children below the age of eight are likely to spend the night in the cold since they don’t have accommodation,” he asserted.

Lochum asked the authorities in Gulu city to find possible ways to help the stranded Karamojong since they didn’t have a place to take-up.

An insider from the presidential office in Gulu city disclosed that they are looking for any possible means to reallocate these people to a safer place within Gulu city as they wait for official communication from Kotido district.

Bosco Odoch Olak, the presidential coordinator, disclosed that his office has been in communication with Kotido district authorities and plans are being made to ensure these people are taken back. “After receiving the information about these stranded Karamojong people, the president’s office responded immediately and took all necessary measures to protect them,” he told

Denish Odwong Odongpiny, the Gulu city resident city commissioner, noted that any Ugandan is permitted by law to stay anywhere within the country. He further disclosed that his office will make any possible arrangements to ensure these Ugandans are helped and supported with food and accommodation.

Odwong, however, has warned the local community of Gulu city against trying to mistreat or insult them, and whoever does so will face the law.

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