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Eng. Tumwine said that the construction is at 99% complete, with construction and installation complete.

By Ronald Kundu

KIRYANDONGO: The construction of the Karuma Hydro Power Project in Kiryandongo district is at 99%.

This was revealed by Eng. Paul Tumwine, the Deputy Project Manager of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL), during the visit of members of the Bunyoro parliamentary caucus on Monday, June 19, 2023.

The visit was to establish the progress of its construction and also find out about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the Community Development Action Plan (CDAP).

Eng. Tumwine said that the construction is at 99% complete, with construction and installation complete.

He stated that commissioning is in process, with three units out of six already commissioned and operational, implying that 300 MW are ready for dispatch.

The engineer noted that due to challenges along the Karuma-Kawanda line, currently only 100 MW are being dispatched along the Karuma-Lira line, adding that the 4th line will be commissioned on June 25th, 2023.

“As far as CSR is concerned, we have built school blocks for Diima P/S in Kiryandongo district, Kamaji P/S in Nwoya district, and Dicwinyi Health Centre block in Oyam district. While CDAP has been able to build Noora P/S block in Nwoya district and Diima P/S block for accommodation of staff in Kiryandongo district,” he said.

Eng. Tumwine noted that the project produces 11 kV that is stepped up to 400 kV for the Karuma-KKawanda line, 132 kV for the Karuma-LLira line, and 132 kV for the Karuma-Olwiyo line.

Karubanga Jacob Ateenyi, the chairman of the Bunyoro Parliamentary Caucus, noted that there is an element of an orphanage for Kiryandongo and some other elements under CDAP for Kiryandongo district that must be fought for.

Linos Ngompek, the Kibanda North MP, called upon Ugandans to desist from vandalism, stating that this is a project for all Ugandans.

He observed that the 600 MW of electricity produced from Kiryandongo is transmitted to Kawanda and then distributed to Kiryandongo district.

The politician called upon the ministry of energy to construct a small substation at Karuma to distribute power to the hosting communities.

Ronald Akugizibwe Aled, the Buruli County MP, appreciated efforts made in the project, especially in CDAP, which has seen Masindi Military Hospital take a whopping 1.5 billion shillings.

The megaproject, whose construction will cost $1.3 billion, is said to be the most expensive project ever done under the NRM government.

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