Farmers were also asked to embrace agricultural loans to support their agricultural activities.

By Obed Kithende

KASESE: Farmers in Kasese District have been tipped to embrace Apiculture, Horticulture and Apirery since the products have a direct market.

The challenge was sounded Tuesday afternoon by Dr. Cassius Aruho while addressing farmers, production and agricultural extension and leaders from Kasese District at Verina gardens in Kasese town.

The Ministry of Water and Environment was in the District on a campaign of farm income enhancement and forestry conservation program projects.

According to the officials from the Ministry, the project is responsible for developing irrigation schemes, and establishing farmer based cooperatives for sustainable management of the irrigation schemes.

The officials added that agribusiness components like horticulture and Apirery, aims at increasing the business outlook of the beneficiaries towards household incomes.

Kasese District LCV chairperson, Eriphaz Muhindi Bukombi said agriculture is the direct channel for development since all the agricultural produce has direct market and prices therefore, people in the district need to embrace agribusiness.

Mr. Samuel Senku Kimuli, the deputy CAO Kasese, says irrigation schemes in the district need to be embraced to increase the quantity of food produced by the district.

The Kasese Resident District Commissioner Lt. Jeo Walusimbi said family holders should work as a team especially when practicing agriculture adding that subsistence farming needs to be observed.

Some of the bank institution officials who also attended the engagement, asked the farmers to also embrace agricultural loans to support their agricultural activities.

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