By Obed Kithende

KASESE: 46 opposition members from Harukungu and Kitatura of Isango Sub county have today {Saturday}crossed to the ruling National Resistance Movement {NRM}.

They were received by the State Minister for ICT Godfrey Baluku Kabyanga at Kime Resorts in Isango Sub county Bukonzo west.
In a letter read by the group leader Mr.Sosten Byasonga, highlighted a number of issues that has forced them to cross.

Among the core issues was that opposition leaders in the constituency had failed to cause developments that they had promised.

They also noted that most opposition leaders in the area were using the members as ladders and after attaining the posts they forgot the voters among others.

And the team quickly asked the Hon. Minister Godfrey Baluku Kabyanga wholeheartedly agreed to contest for the post of being the Bukonzo west constituency Member of Parliament.

The Kasese District council speaker John Mayora who had also attended the function, thanked the president of the republic of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for having appointed Kabyanga as a minister.


Hw however requested the minister to remind the president on the presidential pledges he made during the 2016 presidential campaigns at Kasanga play ground where he pledged to support the education system in Isango sub county by building a primary school.

While talking to the defectors, Minister Kabyanga told the members that he was going to lobby more development projects to the area in addition to what he has already lobbied to them since he entered the office of the minister.

Minister Kabyanga also asked the people in the constituency to continue embarrassing government programs for development.
And he also encouraged the parents in the area to embrace educating their children for development.

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