By Innocent Atuganyira

KAMPALA: The former youngest presidential candidate John Katumba has called upon Ugandans to peaceful demonstrate over skyrocketing fuel price in the country. In some parts of the country, petrol is ranging between Shs5,000 to Shs75,000 depending on the company.

‘’If the government doesn’t act, we shall act,’’ Katumba tweeted. According to the one page letter addressed to Martin Okoth Ochola the Inspector of Police, it stated that due to the rapid increasing fuel prices that have frustrated Uganda’s economy because of individual selfish interests, they therefore inform the police that they shall practice their constitutional right of holding a peaceful protest against the increasing fuel prices for the betterment of Uganda.

Speaking to in a special interview, Katumba noted that the country is losing a lot of money due to the increasing fuel prices. ‘’Some businesses have been paralyzed due to the increasing prices, government should intervene and ensure the issue is sorted out otherwise we shall act,’’ he added.

The former presidential candidate also contended that he will call for a press conference on the issue of increasing fuel prices before the peaceful demonstration. ‘’I will call for a press conference before peaceful demonstration since the current matter for individual interest,’’ he added.

‘’We had fuel reservoirs, but the fuel has been utilized, therefore there is need for government to revise or suspend mandatory testing for truck drivers at the land border,’’ he asserted.

Dr. Charles Olaro the Director General Health Services recently suspended the mandated testing for corona virus of truck teachers and passengers at Malaba and Busia land borders. The directos general health services stated that the ministry has decided to temporary suspend the mandatory testing at the border to ease movement of trucks into and within the country to avert the potential super spreader event.

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