By Chris Frank

KIBAALE: Fourteen women groups under Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP) in Kibaale district have benefitted from over 109 million shillings to eradicate poverty amongst women in Uganda.

The District Community Development Officer Kibaale, Joseph Wasswa Matovu says that the 14 groups have already undergone training on how to invest the money.


The groups include Manyinya Tukole Women’s group, Kwesiga Women’s group, Businge Women’s group, Kikoona Katweyombeke produce buyers Women’s group, Abalihamu hardware Women’s group and Kijaragu piggery Women’s group.

Others are Muhangi active Women’s group, Abeteraine Kigujju Women’s group, Abagambakamu Women’s group Rwekende, Abesiga Mukama Women’s group, Kaisekenkere Women’s group, Kituutu Tukwatanize Women’s group, Abomugisa Women’s group and Twesige Mukama Igoza Women’s group.


Matovu has called upon the women to use the money in rightful way knowing that it’s a revolving loan that should be paid back and that they should invest in the projects as indicated in their applications.

Meanwhile the beneficiaries have commanded the government for empowering them by identifying women as the major base of everything in development.

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