By Faridah Ndagano

KIKUUBE: Kikuube District Chairperson Peter Banura has urged the leaders in the district to embrace the Parish Development Model Program and be positive towards it if it is to succeed in the district.

Under PDM, the Government is expected to inject 100 million shillings in each parish every year to support enterprises meant to eradicate poverty at parish level.

Speaking during a community Sensitisation meeting at Kiziranfumbi Sub County yesterday, Banura advised the leadership of Kiziranfumbi Town Council and Sub County to desist from pessimism about the program and instead look forward to Implementing and monitoring it.

The chairperson also tipped the   leaders on the 7pillars of the PDM they need to focus on, in order to also benefit from it as individuals.

Kikuube Town Clerk Bwami Hussein urged the sub county and Town council Leadership to take keen interest, embrace and participate in all government programs so that they can benefit from them as well as their voters.

The District Community Development Officer Atumanya Nelson called for mind-set change among the communities that he said is key in the success of the program through helping the beneficiaries make proper decisions and sick to them.


Fatuma Businge, the Senior Commercial Officer urged the program beneficiaries to invest in productive enterprises in order to avoid wastage of money and time.

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