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By Flavia Ajok

KIKUUBE:The Member of Parliament for Buhaguzi East in Kikuube district Steven Aseera Itaza has denied the allegations of grabbing land in Musaijamukuru village in the consititunecy.

MP Aseera was on Monday responding to reports that he is among the three people claiming ownership of the land in Musaijamukuru village where three families are at the verge of being evicted from the their land.

Speaking during a press conference held at Tik Hotel, Hoima city on Monday, Aseera distanced himself from the said tittle saying he is not stupid to grab land in an area where he is a leader and on which people have lived for ages when he is one of the people known for fighting corruption and land grabbing in the area.

The MP also denied knowledge of and owning the land tittle he is being accused of being a party to.

He described the allegations as false, malice and politically motivated to turnish his name by people who have the intension of contesting against him in the next general elections.

Aseera claimed that the tittle on which he appears as one of the land owners was forged revealing that the people behind the forgery would be dealt with.


The MP used the event to asure the residents of Musaijamukuru village that they will not be evicted from their land as the matter is being investigated by the relevant authorities and that he is working hard to ensure the said tittle is canceled.

The contested land measuring to 127.5590 hectares is on plot 172, block 22 and its title was produced on 18th November 2020.

The affected residents say they got to know that their land had been titled after one of them started the process of tittling his land.

During the same press conference, the politician castigated those celebrating the death of Julius Irumba, the LC1 chairperson for Musaijamukuru and aslo his campaign manager.

He noted that those celebrating believe that Irumba’s death will weaken him politically which he said is not true.

The member of parliament asked the residents and Irumba’s relatives to take heart as the cause of the death is being investigated by the relevant authorities.

Kikuube district chairperson Peter Banura recently said that he had discussed with MP Aseera about the land title issue but the lawmaker denied it saying his enemies had included him on the title with intentions of tarnishing his name.

However, Banura added that he had advised the MP to write a statement denying the land title and to also file a case at the police so that it can investigate and find out the people behind the act.

The Kikuube Resident District Commissioner Amlan Tumusiime says that the district security committee has picked interest in the matter adding that several measures have put in place to ascertain how the three acquired the land title.

He notes that his office has already petitioned the state minister for Lands Sam Mayanja and other relevant offices to intervene in the matter.

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