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By Chris M Bruno

KIKUUBE: Residents of Kikuube district have been asked to work hard and desist from extravagant expenditures if they are to develop themselves.

The call was made by Amlan Tumusiime, the Kikuube Resident District Commissioner over the weekend during the leaders’ forum meeting held at the homeland guest house in Bugambe sub county.

Amlan asked locals to focus on economic development rather than loitering and engaging in unproductive activities like boozing alcohol  and gambling something he has affected the development of an area.

”Such acts have resulted in increased crime rates which have put the public at attention and undevelopment of an area,” he said.

The Kikuube District LCV Chairperson Peter Banura asked the youth to avoid luxurious spending and instead save money for developmental purposes.

The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Minister for Finance and Planning Robert Owagonza asked the residents to desist from borrowing money from banks for unintended purposes.


”Don’t borrow money from Banks for unintended purposes, this will lead to loss of your property to the banks,” he said.

The forum was organized by the Kikuube district speaker Christopher Nkalubo with an aim of reshaping the leaders in his area of jurisdiction.

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